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Blue Ribbon Fastener supplies a variety of metric fasteners. Our large inventory and flexible supplier network ensure products ship quickly. Don’t see what you’re looking for or have a special request? Contact us, and we’ll help you source what you need.

DIN 84

DIN 85

DIN 94

DIN 125A

DIN 125B

DIN 127B

DIN 137B

DIN 315

DIN 439B

DIN 911

DIN 912

DIN 916

DIN 931

DIN 933

DIN 934

DIN 939

DIN 960

DIN 961

DIN 963

DIN 964

DIN 965

DIN 966

DIN 975

DIN 980V

DIN 985

DIN 6334

DIN 6797A

DIN 6797J

DIN 6912

DIN 6921

DIN 6923

ISO 7379

ISO 7380

DIN 7985

DIN 7991

Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screw

Slotted Pan Head Machine Screw

Cotter Pin

Flat Washer (without Chamfer)

Flat Washer (with Chamfer)

Split Lock Washer

Spring Wave Washer

Wing Nut

Machine Screw Hex Nut, Finished Hex Jam Nut

Long Arm Hex Key

Hex Socket Head Cap Screw

Hex Socket Set Screw

Hex Head Cap Screw Partially Threaded

Hex Head Cap Screw Fully Threaded

Finished Hex Nut

Double End Stud

Hex Head Cap Screw Partially Threaded

Hex Head Cap Screw Fully Threaded

Slotted Flat Head Machine Screw

Slotted Oval Head Machine Screw

Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw

Phillips Oval Head Machine Screw

Threaded Rod

Hex Steel Prevailing Torque Lock Nut

Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut

Rod Coupling Nut

External Tooth Lock Washer

Internal Tooth Lock Washer

Hex Low Socket Head Cap Screw

Hex Flange Head Screw

Hex Flange Nut

Hex Socket Head Shoulder Screw

Hex Button Socket Head Cap Screw

Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw

Hex Flat Socket Head Cap Screw

To request a quote or connect with a BRF team member, click here.

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